Auckland Diving 2022 Prizegiving

Auckland Diving Community Trust held their 2022 prizegiving on Saturday 11th of February. Well done to everyone who received an award at this event! A summary of the Certificates and Trophies awarded is below:


  • Coaches Commendation Awards: Liya Dzhaparidze, Alexa Revill & Genevieve Anderson (11 & under skills), Jonathan Clark, Nico Adams, Wikitoria Christensen & Edith Dickinson (12 & over skills), Tanner Costin & Erica Paltridge (Age A/B), Mali Lovett (Age C/D), Riley Oxenham & Tuini Allen (Junior Elite), & Mikali Dawson (Performance)

  • Bravery Awards: Charlotte Kendrick (11 & under skills), Lucy Howe & Sofia Hitchen (12 & over skills), Zoe Atkinson (Age A/B), Anna Lightbody (Age C/D), Olivia Fox & Grace Campbell (Junior Elite), & Luke Sipkes (Performance)

  • Best Bail Award: Frazer Tavener (Reverse Twist)

  • Best Wipe Out Awards: Lexie Findlater (203C), Grace Campbell (205C) & Amelia Judkins (205C)

  • Overcoming Adversity Award: Sienna Gladding

  • Most Potential Awards: Charlotte Kendrick, Siobhan Pitt, Sienna Gladding & Zachary Gladding

Club Trophies:

  • Most Driven Awards: Grace Campbell (NHD) & Pip Lee (DW)

  • Most Improved Novice Awards: Siobhan Pitt (NHD) & Sienna Gladding (DW)

  • Most Improved Female Diver Awards: Mikali Dawson (NHD) & Jade Dockery (DW)

  • Most Improved Male Diver Awards: Dominic Fortes (NHD) & Caleb Young (DW)

  • Megget Shield: Liam Stone

  • Diver of the Year 11 & Under Skills Awards: Siobhan Pitt (NHD) & Sienna Gladding and Zachary Gladding (DW)

  • Diver of the Year 12 & Over Skills Awards: Indy McCarthy (NHD) & Nico Adams (DW)

  • Diver of the Year Age Group Awards: Lexie Findlater (NHD) & Joshua Maliwat (DW)

  • Diver of the Year Performance/Junior Elite Awards: Liam Stone (NHD) & Frazer Tavener (DW)

Auckland Diving Regional Trophies:

  • Volunteer of the Year Award: Rebecca Jameson

  • Arthur Brake Award (Love of the sport): Noah Atkinson

  • Arena Leadership Award: Zoe Atkinson

  • Parents Award: Ellie Price

  • Don Patterson Commitment Award (Male): Dominic Fortes

  • Don Patterson Commitment Award (Female): Erica Paltridge

  • Masters Champion: Tatjana Ratsdorf

  • Jack Lyons Auckland Points Level 1 Award: Zachary Gladding

  • Auckland Points Level 2 Award: Ruby Pocock

  • Auckland Points Level 3 Award: Roisin Ward

  • Auckland Points Age Group Award: Kobe Fox

  • Jill Partridge Award for 11 and Under Girls: Sienna Gladding

  • Brown Family Trophy for 11 and Under Boys: Zachary Gladding

  • Auckland Diving Most Improved Diver: Caleb Young

  • Shannon Colligan Shield: Luke Sipkes

  • Dennis Gear - Senior Womens: Mikali Dawson

  • Dennis Gear - Senior Mens: Luke Sipkes

  • McMaster Club Champions: North Harbour Diving


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