Head Coach: Steve Gladding

Steve has been the head coach at Auckland diving since 2015 and has coached at all levels, from beginners to Olympic medalists. He has coached for both GB and NZ at the Olympic Games, 4 Commonwealth Games and over 10 World Championships and World Cups. Before this role in ADCT, Steve was a very successful coach in the UK, Scotland and South Africa and managed national programmes, developing diving from grassroots to elite performance. He is qualified as a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and was involved in the UK Sport Elite Coach Programme.

Steve’s role within ADCT is to lead on coach development, athlete pathway and club overview.

Performance Coach: Cordelia Norris

After being a diver herself, Cordelia moved into coaching in 2014. After receiving the award for the highest-ranking student in academics in her last year of high school, she began the pathways to study medicine at Auckland University. Looking for something more rewarding personally she decided to move out of medicine and pursue coaching as a career. Cordelia now works with the Performance Squad, coaching those aiming to compete on a world stage. She was one of 20 selected worldwide to be in the 2018 Commonwealth Games Federation Women’s Coaching Internship Programme for 2018 Commonwealth Games in Gold Coast. Cordelia has coached internationally at senior international, junior elite and age group level. She recently completed a Bachelor of Science Degree majoring in psychology.

Junior Elite Squad Coaches

Ellie Price

As well as being our Schools Development Officer, Ellie is the lead coach of Auckland Diving’s Junior Elite Squad. She has coached at multiple domestic competitions including Skills and Age Group Nationals, North Island Champs and Auckland Champs. Ellie is also a qualified trampolining junior coach and she started out coaching trampolining from 2014-2017. Being a diver herself, she fell in love with the sport and began dive coaching in 2017 and believes it is one of the most rewarding and exciting jobs. After graduating from the University of Auckland with a Bachelor of Science majoring in Physiology in 2020, she is now completing a Masters degree at Massey University majoring in Sport and Exercise Science.

Finn Bramley

Finn is the tallest coach in Auckland Diving. He began coaching diving in 2016 and is currently co-coaches the Junior Elite Squad. 

Finn was a diver himself, however, is not diving at the moment due to a disc injury. He loves parkour, pulling harness and has a dream of becoming a stunt man. He has coached at several domestic events including 2019 Skills Nationals and the 2019 DNZ National Synchro Camp. 

A & B Age Group Squad Co-Lead Coach: Henry Hansen

Henry is a coach for the age group A/B squad. He has been coaching since 2016. In the first half of 2021 he coached in Dunedin at diving Otakou, before returning to Auckland part way through the year. Henry has coached at a number of domestic events including the 2021 DNZ national dive camp, and 2022 North Island Champs.

As well as coaching, Henry is a surfer from Bethells beach and plays music in his spare time. He is studying innovation and entrepreneurship at the University of Auckland

A & B Age Group Squad Co-Lead Coach: Kaitlyn Mallon

Kaitlyn is currently a coach on Auckland Diving’s A & B Age Group Squad.  She was a competitive diver from 2016 to 2019, and during this time she competed at many domestic Skills and Age Group competitions. She began coaching at Auckland Diving in 2017 - working with our beginner and intermediate classes as well as some of our School’s Programme classes before moving to coach our A & B Age Group Squad in 2020.

Outside of diving, Kaitlyn has completed the first year of her bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering and mechatronics at the University of New South Wales but is currently taking time off in order to explore her other passions.

C & D Age Group Squad Lead Coach: Georgia Fitzpatrick

Georgia began competitive diving in 2018 she has competed at many domestic competitions such as Skills and Age group Nationals, North Island Champs, Auckland Champs as well as Australian age group championships. In 2019 she began coaching and is currently the lead coach on the C & D Age Group Squad. Georgia is still an active diver in the A & B age group squad and is currently working on a junior elite list for the upcoming season.

12 & Over Skills Squad Lead Coach: Anna Fedorova

Anna started coaching diving in 2016 and continued coaching and diving herself until 2019 before deciding to focus more on coaching. 

Before moving away from diving herself, Anna competed in many domestic competitions such as Skills and Age Group Nationals, North Islands and Auckland Champs. Currently, Anna is completing a Bachelor of Laws degree at the University of Auckland.

11 & Under Skills Squad Lead Coach: Lucy Cassidy

Lucy is the lead coach for the 11 & under skills squad. She was a competitive diver for six years and now takes her love for the sport into coaching those who are learning diving skills. Her hobbies outside of diving include going to the gym, adventuring outdoors and being in the ocean. She has been coaching since the start of 2021 and has coached at both Auckland Champs and North Island Champs.

Schools Programme Coach: Monique Gladding

Monique has competed at all levels of diving, including World Championships, Commonwealth Games and the Olympics.  During her athletic career, she coached various squads predominantly in the UK, with her attention focused on talent squads aiming for similar accolades as herself.  As an Olympic athlete Monique was asked to work with Skysports to deliver their schools programme which involved talking to school children about her experiences as an elite athlete and delivering a presentation on the 6 keys to success as defined by Olympic athletes.

Since retiring from elite sport Monique is now the mother of two children and has trained as a nutritional health coach, knowledge she shares within Auckland Diving, we love having Monique as part of our school programme team. 

Our Squad Assistants and Learn To Dive Coaches

Ananda Fox

Brooke Lyons

Caleb Young

Dominic Fortes

Emmy Abdelmalek

Gianna Herlambang

Kezia Kaushal

Lily Robyns

Lucas Palmer

Maggie Collis

Monika Sumner

Rhiannon Marryatt

Theo Guthrie


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