Team Travel Challenge

Divers, families and friends are taking a virtual trip to the Commonwealth Games, travelling from West Wave in Auckland to the Sandwell Aquatics Centre in Birmingham, UK.

To get there we must collectively travel 18,261.24 km through only human powered methods such as; walking, running, swimming, and cycling.

The more people involved, the faster we’ll get there!

After the disruptions in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19 we are raising funds to help cover the travel costs and wages of coaches, to help reduce the costs for athletes travelling to competitions in 2022.

Our target is $10,000.  

The goal is to achieve this target within a month. Participants are encouraged to find people to sponsor their activity by pledging an amount per km travelled, for example 50c or $1 per km.

The challenge will commence from Saturday 20 November and end on Sunday 19 December.

Family and friends are welcome to join the fun, and will become honorary members of the squad they are supporting.

Participants are responsible for doing their own fundraising, we have created a pledge sheet to help capture sponsor information.

At the end of each day, log the distance you travelled HERE (you'll need to do a different entry for each method you use each day) and upload a screen shot of your proof (eg. from your fitness tracking app). 

Money raised will be tracked by the fundraising site GIVE A LITTLE

There will be a prize awarded to the person who travels the furthest.

The squad that travels the furthest will be crowned our Team Travel Challenge Distance Champions at the end of year prizegiving and the squad that raises the most funds will be crowned our Team Travel Challenge Dollars Champions.


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