This page is for information on our Learn to Dive Classes. In Auckland Diving, our Learn to Dive Classes are all diving classes provided before our Squads. This includes Grades 1&2, Grades 3&4, Intermediate, Beg 12+ and a Masters class option for those over 17.  To book classes, please go to the "Booking Classes" option from the menu



Term 2 2020: ? - Saturday 4 July

Important Dates and Class Schedule Changes:


Holiday classes run at both West Wave and Glenfield pools most school holidays. 


Please scroll below for general information on times and costs.


WW = West Wave, Henderson (black)
GF = Glenfield (red)

Please note this is a general timetable and some classes listed maybe cancelled due to lack of enrollment and advertised class times may need to change.

Our Classes


Prerequisite: Must be comfortable and able to swim in deep water

30 minute classes
Working to complete grades 1 & 2
No diving experience required!
Great for water confidence

Approx: $105 per term*


Prerequisite: Diver must have completed Grade 2

60 min classes
Working to complete grades 3 & 4

Approx: $165 per term*


Prerequisite: Diver must have completed Grade 4

60 minute classes
Working to complete grades 5 & possibly grade 6
Optional opportunities to compete in competitions

Approx: $165 per term*


A 60 min class for divers aged 12+ who just want to learn diving skills without the focus on achieving grades.

This class is fantastic for building confidence in deep water and lays the perfect foundation for new skill acquisition in a fun environment.

Approx: $165 for 10 week term*


Masters is a one hour session per week for anyone 17 & over who wants to participate in diving at either a recreational or competitive level. This allows adults to take part in diving in a fun environment. There is no diving experience required. Optional competitions are available.

Approx: $165 for 10 week term*

*all class pricing is approximate as it depends on factors such as the school term length, public holidays and/or session cancellations.


School Holiday Progam - Held at both Glenfield and West Wave pools.
General details are below. Watch this space for specific times for April Holidays released approx end of March.

If you are already registered with us then log into your club account to book.
New divers please click here and register as a new diver to book classes.

The holiday camps run as 2.5hr sessions at a cost of $36.50 per session. As such they are intensive training sessions designed to kick start learning or further build on fundamental diving skills learnt during the term. It is a great opportunity to accelerate progress or bring you back to form, if you have had some time off.

The holiday camps generally start in our dry land area. At West Wave – opposite the main changing room entrances.  At Glenfield – downstairs by the squash courts, accessed through the gym. Spectators are welcome outside the room for the dryland component and to watch from the stands for the pool component.

We recommend divers bring drinking water, a spare towel and light clothing they would be comfortable in for a warm up, stretches and various diving related exercises that will be done prior to the pool session in our dry land area.


Classes for new divers & Grades 1-4:
Monday to Friday: 8.30-11am
Intermediate Class divers:
Mon, Tues, Thurs: 8.30-11am
Wed & Fri: 9.30-12noon


Classes for new divers, Grade 1-4 & Intermediate:
Tuesdays and Thurdays: 8.30-11am
Wednesdays: 3-5.30pm.

Diving FAQ's

Q: Does my child have to wear a Speedo?
A: This is one of the most asked questions from parents who have boys. The answer is no, Speedo's are not required. However, it is important that the boy's Togs be above the knee and the girl's Tog's be a one-piece.

Q: I (Or my child) have never dived before – is this o.k.?
A: Of course! Our Diving New Zealand Certified coaches know how to progress a diver from absolute beginner to advanced and competitive levels; and have a lot of experience doing so.

Q: Do I (or my child) have to jump off the high board?
A: No, we will only ask the diver to go off the high(er) boards when we (Coaches) have determined that they are ready to do so. However, no one is required to jump from the high board if they don't want to.

Q: How old does the child have to be to join diving?
A: We have divers as young as 5 years of age in our programs We recommend that they can swim 15m and be comfortable in deep water.

Q: What's the height of the tallest tower?
A: 10 metres! Our facility consists of diving boards from 1 metre, 3 metres, 5 metres, 7.5 metres and 10 metres.

Q: When can my child move up in levels?
A: Diving is a highly technical sport with many challenges like coordinating your arms and legs while jumping off a moving object (the board); falling through the air and trying to land within a close distance (1 meter) to the board - and staying in control through the whole skill. This is a lot of information for a child to take in and master.

Although you, the parent and external observer, may not see many changes each day, often the best change is observant to the coach on the most simple of skills - the front and back jump. Creating the proper movement patterns and foundation is essential to being able to move on to more difficult dives, decreasing the incidence of injury.

It is common for a child to stay in each level 2 - 4 times as there are many skills to achieve in each level. This could mean that they could stay in each level for a year. Diving teaches children agility, coordination flexibility, jumping and respect for the technical environment. Diving will challenge a participant to achieve and experience skills they couldn't imagine.

Simply put, we keep your child safe and help them progress successfully through the levels.

Q: Where do the parents/spectators sit
A: During lessons, parents are welcome to watch from the stands! We kindly ask parents not to come down onto poolside during the lesson 

Information Packet

Learn to Dive Information Packet sent out to our new divers in Grades 1&2 classes

Auckland Diving Grade Scheme

Our Learn to Dive Classes focus on our grade scheme. Click below to see the skills your child will be working through


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